Schrijf in mijn gastenboek
  • Freddy Nour (24 mei 2016): Still waiting and answer from you about purchasing two of your works ! Have a very lovely day Freddy Nour +31655188623
  • Freddy Nour (21 mei 2016): Hi ! Your art works are amassing ! I really want to purchase one or two pieces from your paintings collection! Do we need to have an appointment ? please advise time and date convenient for you and address ! I am in kind of research about ancient civilizations . I guess we not alone on that planet (i mean mankind) ! Your great works shows that you witnessed in reality or in your dreams that presence ! Or your imagination simply has no limits - which is really very rear phenomena ! Outstanding! Have a very good weekend ! Hope to see you guys soon! Freddy +31655188623
  • sef raeven (15 augustus 2015): Verbluffend, verbazend, betoverend en rustgevend en...... Telkens weer, bij elk bezoek.
  • JL Young (16 maart 2014): ty fraters